Iron Man/Iron Heart Riri Williams Fanart

Decided I wanted to do something super hero related but also unique to what you see a lot of already. I had been intrigued by the new Iron Man character that Marvel released recently. As much as I love the Tony Stark rendition, it was refreshing to see them take it in a new direction. I wanted to pay homage to that with my own interpretation. Decided to focus on just a bust to keep the project manageable and to continue with my recent trend of stylized shapes combined with realistic materials. This time I decided to do stylized gameart hair since I haven't really done that in quite some time. Sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. I want to shout out to my peeps on discord for all the critique and feedback that helped me a ton on this piece!

Satoshi arakawa beauty 01
Satoshi arakawa beauty 02
Satoshi arakawa beauty 03
Satoshi arakawa model
Satoshi arakawa turnaround 01
Satoshi arakawa process 02
Satoshi arakawa process 01
Satoshi arakawa hires 01

Decimated Highres Iray Render

Satoshi arakawa hires 02

Zbrush Render

Satoshi arakawa hud 01
Satoshi arakawa hud