Diana of Themyscira

This is WIP of my Wonder Woman fanart project. I chip away at it every now and again in my free time. I am continuing to texture her outfit but felt that I would do a set of progress renders at this juncture after finishing the head, body, and hair textures. Hopefully I will finish the rest of her gear soon and then I will do a set of full body renders. I used texturing XYZ scans for some of the skin detail but most everything else is hand done. Substance Painter was used for the texturing the headband and necklace. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Satoshi arakawa hex sheet 01
Satoshi arakawa hex sheet 02
Satoshi arakawa hex sheet 04
Satoshi arakawa turnaround
Satoshi arakawa highres zbrush 5