Slam Dunk Anime Quicksculpts

These were a series of quick sculpts I did a couple times a week during lunch at work. I wanted to just spit them out in an hour or so and just have fun with them. I've always been a fan of Slam Dunk and this gave me the perfect outlet to do some fan art. I refined a couple of the sculpts very subtly for the lineup but the individual renders were all just from those lunch sessions. You can see that Sakuragi (the red headed dude) is very rough as he was the first one I attempted. I felt I got more comfortable as I went from character to character. I hope to do more lunch sculpts in the future!

Satoshi arakawa slamdunk
Satoshi arakawa sakuragi2
Satoshi arakawa akagi sculpt
Satoshi arakawa rukawa
Satoshi arakawa miyagi
Satoshi arakawa mitsui