H1Z1 Tactical Outfit 2

This is another set of wearables I did for H1Z1 while I was working at Daybreak Games. Most of these were done separately over a period of maybe 2 years while I was working on that project. Some were for the original survival game and some were for crates after it became a BR focused game. I sculpted everything in Zbrush. The backwards baseball cap was sculpted by another artist but I did the low poly and texture. The textures were done early on in Photoshop but then I ended up switching to Quixel and Substance Painter later. The renders were done in Keyshot and Marmoset. Big shout out to my good buddy John Gotch who showed me one of his Keyshot presets to help me do mine. Go give him a follow as he is a great artist!

Satoshi arakawa tac jacket outfit sculpt
Satoshi arakawa tac jacket sculpt
Satoshi arakawa backpack sculpt
Satoshi arakawa baggy jeans sculpt
Satoshi arakawa tac jacket outfit marmoset
Satoshi arakawa tac jacket outfit marmoset wires
Satoshi arakawa tac jacket marmoset
Satoshi arakawa backpack marmoset
Satoshi arakawa baggy pants marmoset