H1Z1 King of the Kill Twitchcon Invitational Trophy

I had the distinct pleasure of sculpting the trophy that was given out to the winners of the H1Z1 King of the Kill Invitational Winners. It was concepted by my fellow concept artist, Patrick Ho, and then handed off to me to sculpt in Zbrush. Once I was done with the sculpt, it was sent off to a 3D printshop that created gold, silver, and bronze painted versions to be the prize trophies. The Twitchcon Invitational is our biggest event so I was honored to help create the trophy. I dropped a decimated version into marmoset for some renders and included some of Patrick's concepts. I included a photo of the winners of the event holding the trophies, photos of the trophies, and myself holding one at the bottom.

Satoshi arakawa marmoset render 1
Satoshi arakawa zbrush render 2 top
Satoshi arakawa zbrush render 2 bottom
Satoshi arakawa zbrush render 1
Satoshi arakawa concepts 1
Satoshi arakawa h1z1 invitational 2016 gaming cypher 8
Satoshi arakawa img 4585
Satoshi arakawa img 4584